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Marijuana Detox

Medical professionals recommend a marijuana detox to people trying to stop using marijuana; a marijuana detox helps cleanse their system and clear their mind. In recent years more information has been revealed about the dangers of marijuana. Before many users believed that marijuana was a less dangerous alternative to harder drugs like cocaine and heroin, however studies show that marijuana has addictive properties and also contributes to impaired driving car crashes and unsafe sexual behavior while under the influence.

Marijuana detox is a medical term used to describe a process in which the residuals of marijuana are removed from a person's body to help them function normally. The marijuana detox eliminates the drug from the body in order to help remove intense cravings for the drug. A marijuana detox can involve special fluids or other natural cleansing products to remove marijuana from the body quickly and effectively.

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Detoxification processes are very helpful in the removal of other drugs from a person's system. While a marijuana detox is a more mild process than a detox from a "harder" drug, it still serves a very essential purpose. A person that has been using marijuana consistently over a long period of time has most likely forgotten what it feels like for his/her system to be free of the substance. Many times a marijuana detox is productive enough for a drug abuser to begin to think life without drugs may be possible.

By reducing the levels of unfamiliar substances within a person's body, the natural functioning of the body is reaffirmed and a more comprehensive, successful process of recovery can begin to take place. Just as an ex-tobacco smoker feels as though he/she has received new lungs, the marijuana smoker has a similar feeling because of marijuana build up in his/her lungs and body. A marijuana detox begins the process of rebuilding the lining in the lungs and helps repair the airways that have been damaged by marijuana smoke.

Marijuana, commonly known as a "gateway" drug, often leads to problems with other drugs such as methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin. Marijuana is also used in combination with alcohol and can create problems if the user remains untreated. These drugs also require a medical detox in order to attain a physical cleansing before the recovery process can begin.

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